Monday, July 21, 2008

Evangelistic Ministries,Outreach Ministry,Salvation Message Of Jesus


Why We Need Evangelistic Ministries

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, are reaching out in the name of Jesus, bringing the good news and a Message of Hope and Salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the true Living Son of God.

Evangelistic Ministries, have been around for many years.
Today's outreach ministries, can reach into many different area's of the world, even from within our very own homes,towns Cities, and where we live, all the way into other countries and people who live in many different ways and life styles.

So why do we need an Evangelistic Message?
Well my friend it's very simple, to help bring those who are lost to Jesus.
There are Millions of people, that have no hope and are lost in spirit soul and Mind.
The Evangelistic Ministries, must reach out to find these people and share the good news and love of Jesus Christ. To bring hope and Salvation that only Jesus can give, to bring peace , faith and the ever lasting love.

Have you ever thought just how many evangelistic Ministries there are in the world?
Maybe there more than we can count.
I would say there is a lot myself.
Evagelistic Ministries can reach the lost through simple food ministries, youth ministries,Prison Ministries,The Mission's Field Ministry,Prasie and Worship Ministries,Prayer Ministries,Drug and Alcohol Ministries, Mens and Womens Ministries, Ministries of Help such as deacons,ushers, prayer leaders and the list goes on and on.

We can all be a part of this Ministry, from any walk of life, from any church denomination.

Every one of us has an ability, something we are good at and can use for the glory of God.
Everyone of us through the love of Jesus, can help a troubled soul.
Everyone of us, can be used of God.
But are we willing to be used of the Lord?

Let me ask you this?
Why not take some time tonight and get on your knees and ask the Lord, how he can better use you, to help glorify the Kingdom of The Lord.
Remember friends, God Loves us so much he sent his only Son Jesus to die on a cross to forgive us of our sins and to bring us everlasting life.
so.....just think.....Dying on a Cross would be very hard for us to do as humans....but......reaching out to those in need through the love of Jesus is such an easy thing to do.
All we have to do is try.
It may surprise you, you may find a joy full ministry in the Lord.
The way I feel about it is simple, when I look into the eyes of someone in need, how can I turn away.
The truth is I can't turn away, and Jesus inside of me will not allow it.
That my friend is the love of Jesus, and Jesus Lives & works inside me as well as you.


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